Mercedes is an experienced and creative vegetarian(mostly vegan), cook, owner of The Art of Healthy Cooking catering and cooking studio and co-director of The Art of Family, a project in which cooking is used in a therapeutic way to bring about positive changes within families.

She has been teaching natural foods cooking for the past 15 years. The art of her cooking style lies in her ability to transform wholesome ingredients into delicious and festive dishes. Mercedes is a graduate of the Kushi Institute of Europe in Amsterdam, where she studied macrobiotics and where she temporarily served as chef. She has also studied in the Oost-West Centrum in Rotterdam.

Recently Mercedes has appeared on national television giving a short cooking demonstration on the healing power of natural food preparation. She has also been featured on Elle Eten magazine as former owner of The American Food Store Catering. Mercedes is presently working on her first cookbook.


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  1. Hi, I am travelling to Amsterdam tomorrow for 3 days. Please could your reccommend nice cafés for breakfast or lunch or restaurants for dinner? Best wishes, Alice

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