Delightful Little Things (DLTs)



In preparation for the opening of The Food Press I am trying to document and be good about keeping continuity, deciding on a certain menu and not deviating from it, writing down recipes and not only having fun creating things. But…. it’s not easy to not get carried away, since after all what can be more fun than constantly thinking, experimenting, tasting and trying out new things? And really, some things are so simple that it becomes almost embarrassing to write them down or even take them seriously at all. Today for example I was home learning how to use a new and fancier food processor that we are going to be using at The Food Press when all of a sudden I came up with a combination that made me jump with excitement in a foodie nerd sort of way. I was trying to figure out how the small bowl of the food processor worked and I decide to just throw some left over seeds and nuts I had around, one thing let to another and tah-taaaah these little delightful things emerged. Yes I have made nut balls or truffle like things before and I am sure you probably have too, but what made these little gems so enchanting was powdering them up. Rolling them up in spirulina, turmeric, maca and cacao gave them a distinguished lady like appearance. The taste was lovely as well, the strong taste of these powders was balanced beautifully by the ingredients of the truffles.

There is just one thing however, I don’t have quantities for this recipe since it was only a food processor try-out, so it’s up to you to go play with your food processor and decide.

P.S. I think that these will definitely be on our menu

Delightful Little Things (DLT)

pumpkin seeds
chia seeds
sunflower seeds
brazil nuts (use more or other seeds if you have a nut allergy)
cacao powder
peanut butter
raw honey

for dusting

turmeric powder
cacao powder

-process the 8 top ingredients in your food processor
-form small balls about the size of a walnut
-use a plate for each dusting powder and roll each ball on a different powder

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