Delightful Little Things (DLTs)



In preparation for the opening of The Food Press I am trying to document and be good about keeping continuity, deciding on a certain menu and not deviating from it, writing down recipes and not only having fun creating things. But…. it’s not easy to not get carried away, since after all what can be more fun than constantly thinking, experimenting, tasting and trying out new things? And really, some things are so simple that it becomes almost embarrassing to write them down or even take them seriously at all. Today for example I was home learning how to use a new and fancier food processor that we are going to be using at The Food Press when all of a sudden I came up with a combination that made me jump with excitement in a foodie nerd sort of way. I was trying to figure out how the small bowl of the food processor worked and I decide to just throw some left over seeds and nuts I had around, one thing let to another and tah-taaaah these little delightful things emerged. Yes I have made nut balls or truffle like things before and I am sure you probably have too, but what made these little gems so enchanting was powdering them up. Rolling them up in spirulina, turmeric, maca and cacao gave them a distinguished lady like appearance. The taste was lovely as well, the strong taste of these powders was balanced beautifully by the ingredients of the truffles.

There is just one thing however, I don’t have quantities for this recipe since it was only a food processor try-out, so it’s up to you to go play with your food processor and decide.

P.S. I think that these will definitely be on our menu

Delightful Little Things (DLT)

pumpkin seeds
chia seeds
sunflower seeds
brazil nuts (use more or other seeds if you have a nut allergy)
cacao powder
peanut butter
raw honey

for dusting

turmeric powder
cacao powder

-process the 8 top ingredients in your food processor
-form small balls about the size of a walnut
-use a plate for each dusting powder and roll each ball on a different powder

Oshawa Cake from the Food Press

cake (1 of 1)-2

It has been a while since I last made time to write stuff down, but I certainly haven’t been sitting around. I have been cooking and experimenting more than ever and that is because as of November we will be the happy owners of a juice bar/cafe/catering in the center of my town. This is a little dream that has been developing in different ways for the last 20 years and it seems that for some strange reason providence decided that this was the right time for this dream to materialize! In the coming time (if time permits) I hope to be posting about this new baby of mine. We came to live in Almere, a city about 30 minutes from Amsterdam . Almere is an interesting phenomenon since it is a true  example of Dutch ingenuity. It is a city which was created from land gained from the sea. As a result it is nothing like the images that most of us associate with Holland: old, gingerbread style houses, canals, gable stones, small scale coziness and wooden shoes. Almere is new, the architecture here is mostly very geometric, houses are slightly bigger(for Dutch standards) and the citizens keep more to themselves, often commuting to and from Amsterdam for work. Coming to live here eight years ago was a great shock for me, since this futuristic city didn’t feed my imagination and to be blunt I found it quite ugly. But, just like everything in life things, cities and people change and Almere has taken a change for the better. The architecture has become more interesting. Newer trendier shops are appearing and most importantly (to me) I have changed how I see this town. Where I saw lack, I began to see possibilities and that has made all the difference. One of the things that made Almere so unattractive and futuristic to me was what I experienced as a lack of community. Here there have been no tiny cafes or quirky shops, just the “normal” things to satisfy your basic needs (okay, with maybe a tiny bit extra!), for the fun inspirational stuff one has had to go to Amsterdam. Well that’s changing and I am proud to say that our Juice bar-Cafe will a part of the change. Our shop is tiny, just big enough for 5 tables, and big enough to serve as setting for all those like minded souls who are craving for that cozy, trendy, organic, delicious, homemade, healthy hangout. We will be working with local produce and farmers and hope to serve as a source of inspiration and warmth for all those out there who feel the need for a smile and good food. Our baby is called The Food Press  and just like with any regular baby the preparations before its actual physical arrival has been intense. As of now the contractors are running somewhat behind which has made us postpone our opening day, but our goal remains sometime in November.

One of the most important aspects of The Food Press is that we want to only sell stuff that we make ourselves. That means juices, smoothies (made with our own sprouted nut milks), bowls with fresh products from our salad bar, cakes, muffins etc as well as French Press and cold pressed coffee. In the process of preparing our menu I have gone back to look for recipes which are delicious, economically feasible and healthy. I remember that years ago (in my macro period) I often made and eat Oshawa cake. I had a great recipe somewhere from a macrobiotic study I once followed. I used this recipe many times, but it was not part of a cooking book, it was just a lose sheet. Every time I used it I thought: next time I need this I won’t be able to find it. Well yesterday I couldn’t find it, but I remembered the basics, which are extremely simple. Funny enough I happened to look through Rens Kroe’s trendy new book Power Foods and found a recipe for this very old fashion recipe. This helped me with some quantities, but in reality a recipe is hardly necessary. So, enjoy your left over brown rice!


Oshawa Cake

4 cups of cooked brown rice
1/2 cup rice syrup
1 cup roasted hazelnuts
1 cup raisins or chopped dates
zest od 1/2 orange
1/2 sesame seeds roasted
1/2 cup spelt flour
pinch of sea salt
1 tsp. cinnamon
2 Tbs neutral tasting vegetable oil
100 gram (about 11/4 cup) oat flakes

-preheat oven to 325*
-oil a cake form spread three quarter of the sesame seeds on the cake form to cover bottom and cover sides and bottom with three quarter of the sesame seeds
-mix all the other ingredients in a large bowl and put mixture in the prepared form
-press it with your wet hands so that it fills the form well
-bake for about 45 minutes
-let it cool before taking it out of the form