Fresh Peas and Watercress soup with a drop of Cashew Cream


It has been a while since my last recipe post, and as the daily rush of activities take control of my life I manage to snick in a moment to reflect on the cycle of nature and the dignity and beauty with which this summer season has graciously made way for a beautiful fall. My cooking energy has been going towards the preparation of our upcoming Oktoberfest in Amsterdam, which will be a celebration of the harvest time, in which my colleague Alexander and I will be cooking up a vegan storm, with some inspiration from the earthy cuisine of our German neighbours. More than imitating German meaty dishes it is my goal to use this traditional festival to inspire us and our guests to become even more creative with vegetables, and in a playful and subtle way to hint at some aspects of the traditional German foods; but my most important goal is to capture the celebratory earthy spirit of this century old celebration.
So, if you happen to be in the area and are in for a great festive time look us up here.
Aside from preparing the Oktoberfest I have also been doing lots of other things like thinking about peas and watercress, ehm…! I have been looking to make a soup that is creamy, appropriate for this season in terms of texture and taste, nevertheless fresh and inviting of what is to come, and the idea of combining these two gals has stayed with me and now I know why, they make a fantastic pair.
See for yourself, this is a wonderful combination of two elegant tastes which truly complement each other.

Fresh Peas and Watercress soup with a drop of Cashew Cream

1 tbs olive oil
2 medium onions finely diced
2 cloves of garlic chopped
about 3 medium size potatoes chopped
6 cups water
sea salt to taste
2 cups of fresh peas
3 big handfuls of watercress
a couple of oregano leaves
Black pepper

– in a soup pan sauté onions and garlic in the olive oil
– add the potatoes and 1/2 of the water
– cover the pan and cook until the potatoes are well cooked
Y- add peas and cook for 10 minutes
– add the watercress and cook for 5 minutes
– add the oregano
– blend well with a hand blender or a blender
– serve in a nice bowl or glass with a drop of cashew cream and a dusting of black pepper

Cashew Cream
1 cup of soaked cashews
1 cup water
the juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 tsp sea salt

-mix everything in the blender until totally blended and smooth


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