I like feasts and I am crazy about the colorful, breezy, unpredictable month of October, adding those two things together equals Oktoberfest!
On october 5th the Pop-up Restaurant Amsterdam, which is my excuse for creating a food party and getting to know lots of new people, is presenting my version of Oktoberfest. Of course this event is somewhat inspired by the big october happening in Munich and although we’ll be brewing several sorts of beers for this occasion, making our own sauerkraut and mustard as well providing an appropriate dosage of Ompaah Blasmusik our Oktoberfest is not necessarily about the beer or about Germany, but about celebrating the fall, life and enjoying delicious vegan foods with new and old friends.

On this edition of Pop-up Restaurant Amsterdam I will be working with my friend and wonderful vegan chef Alexander Gershberg

Cyrille van Poucke will be in charge of the brewing as well as the music.

Our location is the Museum Kromhout in Amsterdam, a charming, industrial location in the center of the city, which has proven to lend itself perfectly for Pop-up Restaurant Amsterdam events.

I hope to see those of you who happen to be hanging out in Amsterdam or surroundings around that time and that you can come celebrate with us.


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