Gone Nuts

I have definitely gone nuts! Ever since I discovered the possibility of making my own nut milks I have pushed my soy milk maker aside. Not only does nut milk have a delicious, nutty, fatty, satisfying taste to it, but nuts, and therefore lovingly homemade nut milks have a high nutritional value. For example almonds are nutrient-dense and moderately alkaline-forming, they provide more calcium than any other nut, this high calcium content coupled with a high magnesium content makes almonds and almond milk fantastic food. Of course I haven’t discovered anything new, the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians enjoyed their almonds in all sorts of ways, specially in the form of milk. It is even said that the Romans used almonds to counteract the effect of too much alcohol(I guess due to the almond’s alkalizing properties).

This morning I also made roasted hazelnut milk, and let me tell you that it was just like drinking a healthier version of my favorite Italian gelato, nocciola. These milks will do wonders for all sorts of baked goods and desserts, although until now I have continued to use soy milk for baking, since it is much cheaper and for cooking because it has a neutral taste.

Drinking raw nut milks on a regular basis is not something that my body can deal with very well(I sense some hidden sensitivity somewhere), but I have discovered that if I make milk with roasted nuts, or if I boil the milk before drinking It I have no problems.

Always soak your nuts at least over night, it makes for a more digestible and tastier milk.

Raw Nut Milk

2 cups of soaked nuts
1 liter of water
2 dates or 2 tbs rice syrup

-put the nuts in the blender and blend for about 2 minutes
-pass the milk through a cheesecloth
-put milk back in the blender, at this point you may add more water if you think it’s too concentrated
-blend with a tsp. vanilla and the dates or rice syrup(for a mildly sweet flavour)
-consider other flavours, like cinnamon, chocolate, nutmeg etc….

Roasted Nut Milk
For roasted nut milk follow the above recipe but instead of soaking the nuts lightly roast them.


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