Fusion Udons

Today for a change all our kids were home at the same time, the 20 year old who has been living in Amsterdam, the 19 year old who lives near Frankfurt and the two younger ones who are 16 and 12. This created a cozy, familiar and rambunctious atmosphere, which although very welcome has a different dynamic than what has become our normal daily life with our two younger kids.
Four kids in the house means four different sets of needs, schedules and tastes, which makes for a lot of activity in the kitchen: refrigerator open, refrigerator closed, peanut butter sandwich here, coffee there, no gluten for one, an egg for another(yes an egg!). Dishes pile up in our huge sink, crumbs gather on different places of the counter, and regardless of the constant in an out of the kitchen there is always someone who is absolutely starving and needs a meal right away. And, in spite of the shameful abundance in which we seem to live, there is always someone’s voice heard saying: “there is really nothing to eat here, am sooo hungry!”
By four o’clock it seemed that we had spent the whole day eating but at the same time nobody had had a substantial meal. It dawned on me that Tim and Anna both had end of the year music and dance performances and that they needed to eat something that resembled a meal before leaving the house. I had to be quick, I only had an hour to make something and have them eat it. After snooping around the fridge and pantry this is what came out, and I must say it worked!

1 package of Udon noodles
1 tbs coconut oil
3 cloves of garlic crushed and minced
1 leek washed well and sliced in thin diagonal pieces
2 tomatoes cut in medium size cubes
1 carrot cut in matchsticks
1/2 red pepper cut in cubes
1/2 of a pointed cabbage thinly sliced
1 cup of cooked black beans(I sometimes use canned)
sea salt
a couple of tablespoons of tamari
chipotle pepper
1 tbs roasted sesame oil
fresh cilantro leaves chopped

-cook the noodles in boiling water according to package instruction
-heat the coconut oil in a wok
-add the garlic and tomatoes and cook at high heat stirring
-add carrots and continue stirring
-add the leeks and cabbage and cook a bit, controlling the fire
– after several minutes after the mixture has gotten aromatic and a bit caramelized add the black beans, salt and chipotle
-add tamari and stir well
-add the cooked noodles and stir fry a bit more, adding the sesame oil at the end
-give it a good stir and garnish with cilantro leaves


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