Today’s Breakfast


The new seasons always inspire me to cook, the problem is that Holland doesn’t really participate in this eternal natural ritual of seasonal changes, well not really. Even though the trees are fuller, the grass is greener and the sun blesses us with more frequent sporadic visits, there is still not a feeling that the summer has arrived. It feels like Easter is about to pop up. Nevertheless I enjoy time demarcations and if nature won’t give me that framework, I’ll attach myself to the man made version:the school calendar. This is the time when regardless of the weather life seems to change pace. Kids finish the school year and vacation plans begin to materialize. In our family’s case our youngest daughter is finishing grade school and end of the year performances are coming to an end. My son’s homeschooling year came to a natural diminuendo, as his rehearsal schedule with the National Ballet Academy became more frantic in preparation for their yearly final performance. Our older kids are also planning their summer exits and my husband has already taken a look or two at the map of Italy, somewhere around Florence, where it seems will be putting our new canvas army tent for some weeks this summer.
Getting up in the morning on these “summer” sundays when the business of the yearly schedule seems to have water down gives me a rush of possibility, creativity and inspiration to take more time to have fun in the kitchen. Summer time to me means time, of course, dry, sizzling hot weather would be fun and do wonders for my need for vitamin D, but I’ll settle for time, precious, old fashion time, to cook, think, read, make plans and comtemplate.

Little Musli Fruit Yogurt Pots
musli with nuts(homemade is best of course)
fruit of choice
yogurt(soy, regular, or my version of coconut cream mixed with lemon juice and a pinch of salt)
mint leaves

-make nice layers beginning with the musli
-garnish with fresh mint leaves and sprinkle with cinnamon



Baguette with Sautéd Wild Mushrooms, Beet Greens and Fried Tomatoes

wild mushrooms
olive oil
fresh thyme
beet leaves
tomatoes cut in thick slices

-sauté the mushrooms in the olive oil, add garlic and salt and cook stirring until they loose their liquid
-take out of the pan and use the same pan to sauté the beet greens, first add a bit of olive oil to the pan
-add a pinch of salt and cook the greens until they wilt
-remove greens from the pan
-add 1tbs olive oil to the pan and add the tomato slices until the become darker and shiny, add a pinch of salt
-cut a whole wheat baguette open and place the cooked ingredients on it
-cut in serving portions


2 thoughts on “Today’s Breakfast

  1. Hi!
    Not only your recipes sound very good, your little stories as well:-)
    My English needs a check probably, but I’ll try the best I can. Best regards and have a nice day!

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