Today’s Breakfast Ideas

For years my family’s breakfast consisted of miso soup, porridge and green vegetables, which is a typical breakfast in the standard macrobiotic diet. This approach to breakfast served us well for many years, but in he last few years we craved more variety and dynamic in our breakfast repertoire so we re-opened our eyes, minds and mouths to the vast variety of natural foods and natural foods preparations out there. Now we still love miso soup and porridge, but we don’t feel compelled to have it every morning. I love whole grains, but I also have become aware that not every member of our family feels equally good when eating them.

Today’s breakfast idea: Rice Granola with Soy Yogurt and Fresh Fruit, Carrot-Pineapple- Grapefruit Juice, Steamed Greens.

Rice Granola
2 cups of cooked brown rice(left over is best)
maple syrup
1 tbs neutral oil(I used coconut)
dried fruits

-mix all the ingredients together except for the fruit
-bake in the oven at 180*c. stirring regularly until it’s crispy
-let it cool off before serving and storing



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