Oven Fries with Superior Ketchup


Superior Ketchup

8 tomatoes chopped in chunks
1 onion in small cubes
a couple of cloves
sea salt
1/2 rice vinegar
4 tbs coconut sugar

-put all the ingredients in a heavy pan and cook at very low fire with a flame deflector for a long time, at least an hour

-pass the tomato mixture through a sieve, working until as much as possible pulp has also gone through the sieve. Discard only the bits that won’t go through the sieve

-return ketchup to the very low fire until the consistency becomes thick


-cut potatoes french fry style and spread on an oven tray
-sprinkle with sea salt, olive oil and rosemary and put in the oven at 200* for about 20 minutes, checking occasionally, to stir the potatoes, so that the cook evenly.
-serve with ketchup….


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