Today’s Breakfast Ideas

The sun is shining and the garden door is open, outside looks like a HD morning(as in high definition!). We have left over polenta from yesterday ‘s dinner, and cooked polenta is a great thing to have around because you can do tons of things with it. I opted for to make something that looks deceivingly sinful, but in reality is quite innocent, a Polenta Square baked in Coconut oil served with fresh fruit and coconut cream accompanied my green tea. We had the a Shoyu Broth before the polenta treat.


Polenta Squares

1 cup of polenta
6 cups of water
a pinch of sea salt

-boil the water
-pour the polenta into the water slowly while whisking
-stir regularly with a wooden spoon to avoid lumps
-use a flame deflector and low heat
-cook for about 35 to 40 minutes
-place cooked polenta in a square or rectangular mold and let it cool completely before cutting
( for this breakfast I had made the polenta the evening before)

Next step:

1tbs coconut oil
1tsp coconut sugar
slices of banana
slices of pear
coconut cream(non dairy, without sugar)
roasted almonds and hazelnuts crushed

-cut squares of polenta
-in a frying pan heat the coconut oil and sprinkle with the coconut sugar
-place the polenta squares in the pan
-slightly brown and caramelize on both sides
-put polenta square in the center of a large plate
-put a bit of coconut cream on top, then add the banana slices, and nuts, sprinkle with cinnamon and pomegranate seeds
-place the sliced pears on the side


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