Today’s Breakfast Ideas

Miso Soup, Tofu Scramble and a Special Oatmeal on the Grill

Today’s Breakfast was specially made to sustain my young dancer Tim, in his ballet rehearsal from early morning till lunch time

Special Oatmeal on the Grill

Grilled Oatmeal

11/2 cup oat flakes
about 3 cups of water(I didn’t measure it, but most of you have made oatmeal before, haven’t you?)
pinch of sea salt

banana cut in small pieces
soy milk
1/2 tsp coconut oil
1 tbs of coconut sugar
walnuts to garnish

-make the oatmeal by cooking the oat flakes, water and salt. The oatmeal shouldn’t be runny, so don’t add too much water
-place cooked oatmeal in one ovenproof dish or in individual ramekins
-mix in the bananas and raisins
-add a bit of soy milk
-add the coconut oil
-sprinkle the cinnamon on top
-sprinkle the coconut sugar over everything
-place dish in the oven grill until the sugar caramelizes and the top begins to brown slightly
-garnish with crumbled walnuts


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