The Dancing Soba

Make a broth from water, a bunch of dried shiitakes and a small piece of kombu
Let it simmer for about 15 minutes

Cook a package of soba noodle following the package instructions

In the mean time cut your veggies:
Leeks, paksoy, garlic, carrots(don’t put in the paksoy leaves until the dish is almost ready, stir fry the stems only)

Sauté the vegetables in a wok with a bit of sesame oil

Add soy sauce or tamari to your broth to your own taste
In a cup make a mixture of 4 tbs. of rice vinegar and 4 tbs. of mirin
Add this vinegar mixture to your broth

Let it simmer for a minute and add a mixture of a couple of tsps. of kuzu with a couple of tsps. Of water and stir until the broth gets some body( not thick, just a bit less watery)

Add the paksoy leaves to the wok and let it sit for 1/2 a minute

Serve in bowls, first put the noodles in the individual bowl then pour the veggie soup over it, finish with a couple of drops of roasted sesame oil

*if the noodles have gotten cold while you were preparing the rest you can warm them up by rinsing them with hot tap water

*you can add cubes of fried tofu to the bowls



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