Today’s Breakfast Ideas

I started the morning with a cup of Hot Water with Lemon Juice.
Then, Musli with Nuts and Dried Fruits and after freshly pressed Carrot-Strawberry-Apple-Pear Juice

I really recommend making your own musli, it’s so easy to make and so much more delicious than what you get in the shop.
If you use soy milk I also recommend a soy milk maker. for less than €100 you can buy one. Out of one 500 gr. package of organic soy beans(Which costs less that €2,-) you can get about 5 liters of delicious milk. You can add anything you like to it, such as nuts, seeds, grains, coconut or any other flavoring.

Musli with Nuts and Dried Fruits

about 2 large cups of oat flakes
1 tbs virgin coconut oil
1/4 cup maple syrup
a pinch of sea salt
all the nuts and seeds you like, I used hazelnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and chia
coconut flakes
raisins and or other favorite dried fruits

-first mix the oat flakes, cinnamon, salt and coconut oil
-add the rest
-put in the oven on a wide oven dish at about 180*
-important to stir regularly, otherwise the top will burn and the bottom won’t bake
– serve with fresh soy milk or and soy yogurt


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