Hurry it’s sunny let’s have a picnic!

-Udon with Sugar Snaps, Roasted Eggplant and Sesame Seeds with an Asian Dressing
-Tomatoes with Breadcrumbs and Herbs
-Steamed Beets an Carrots with an Olive Oil Balsamic Vinegar Dressing
-Lemon Cake
We also had Cyrille’s fantastic Homemade Beer, a Brundlmayer white wine, wholewheat baguettes, guacamole, a bowl of berries and green tea

*Sunday recipes upon request, you can leave a message on this blog and I will send them to you*

Here in the Netherlands a picnic cannot be taken for granted. The frequent rain, low temperatures and cloudiness makes a sunny, fairly warm day a special occasion, even in June! Today our picnic was in a beautiful park not far from the center of Amsterdam, The Amsterdamse Bos.
When I opened the curtains this morning and saw the sun shining I ran down to the kitchen to prepare a picnic.







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